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Главная » Колледжи и Университеты » Oxford House College » CELTA - CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING FOR ADULTS
Поступить сразу на третий курс университета!

 Для тех, кто уже выучился в колледже по программам HND/HNC мы предлагаем поступить сразу на третий курс университета БЕЗ вступительного экзамена! Обучение в центре Лондона в престижном университете. Пожалуйста торопитесь, мест на май остается все меньше! 

Ура! Магистратура теперь финансируется государственной программой!

Теперь окончивший ВУЗ на бакалавра (не обязательно в Великобритании), студент может получить £10,000 на магистратуру. Подавай заявку сейчас на май, июнь,  июль, сентябрь, октябрь, январь, февраль, апрель!


The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults), is an initial qualification in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults. It is the most widely taken initial English Language Teaching (ELT) Qualification of its kind in the world, taken by over 10,000 people each year.

With the CELTA Qualification, a wide range of exciting ELT career and travel options will open up for you, not least the prospect of working in your favourite locations of your choice around the world (limited location availability). 

CELTA Course Overview

Our course is designed for people with little or no previous teaching experience or for people who have taught unqualified and would now like to gain an accredited qualification. 

During the course you will develop familiarity with the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to other adults. The course includes a good balance of teaching practice, observation of more experienced teachers in the classroom, and completion of a small number of practically focused written assignments. All of our CELTA students receive training and support from fully-qualified and highly-experienced English Language Training professionals and have full access to our central London library including professional books, publications, multimedia titles and internet access. 


The course is offered in London by our partners - Teaching House. 



Class Size: 12, 18 or 24
Available at: London
Requirements: English equivalent to C1 or C2 of the CEFR.  
                          (Must be 20 years old plus).

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Адреc в Лондоне: Gagarin Group, office 401, 7 Whitechapel Road, E1 1DU.

Адрес в Бирмингеме: Gagarin Group, office 411, 43 Temple Row, B2 5LS.

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