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Студенческий кредит от государства получают граждане UK и ЕС в возрасте 18-60 лет, а также мигранты из стран, не входящих в ЕС.

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Популярные факультеты

Вы можете освоить интересную и перспективную профессию.

Студенческий кредит от государства: как получить и когда отдавать?

Вы можете получить от государства до £24 000 в год на обучение и проживание в Лондоне. Заманчиво, не так ли?

Хотите найти высокооплачиваемую работу и жить в достатке?

Или может вы мечтаете о собственном бизнесе?


The Dental Nursing qualification with National Examining Board for Dental Nurses  (NEBDN) Diploma Level 3, designed to improve your career opportunities for professional development. It is all about you performing in the workplace and being assessed doing the job that you are required to meet National Occupational Standards.

Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy

The curriculum is based on the GDC (General Dental Council) registration requirements for dental nurses.  It sets out the knowledge, skills and behavioural requirements that should be developed and demonstrated.  These are set out in terms of professional competencies, with the assessment method clearly outlined (e.g. how the skills and knowledge will be assessed in the final examinations – via written questions such as multiple choice (MCQ) or extended matching questions (EMQ) or via Objective Structured Clinical Examinations – OSCEs). We are proud to announce that our Dental Nursing students having highest 100% exam pass rate in OSCE examination!

Free services- work shops, mock exams, eRoE marking and internal moderation.

Will you need a job in Dental Practice? Yes. The Academy provides a list of Private Surgeries who are in touch with us for the last 6 years and looking for more Trainee Dental Nurses so candidates can contact them as a registered student at LWA. This is a paid job, unless you would like to work voluntary for personal reasons. We also provide a Reference letter to the employee if a candidate finds a job independently.

Will you be eligible for discounted travel student card? Yes, being on this course you are eligible to discounted oyster card. Once your details processed through LWA ADMIN system, we will provide you with unique students number so you could apply online

Any workshops or exam preparation? Academy offers 4 revision and mock test sessions prior  to the written examination and 3 hour preparation session for OSCE’s examination.

Duration - 1 year (part time)
Next Intake/start date:
13 November, Tuesday classes from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Tuition Fees - £1,400 (we offer payment plan, and accept installments)
Registration fee - £300 (includes: administration, workshops, mock exams, eRoE marking, internal moderation of eRoE)
Exam fee - £485 will be charged at the point of candidate registration with NEBDN
One day introduction course – only for those who are considering/not sure whether to step up into the Dental Industry £50.00


Dental Nursing NEBDN Level 3


Dental Nursing course with National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) Diploma Level 3 is done on a part-time basis which is enabling student to work part or full-time during their course.

We have small groups  so candidates can participate with ease and benefit from help with their Records of Experience, lectures supported by multi-media equipment, in-class demonstrations, training videos, regular revision exercises and feedback. We cover all areas of the National Diploma in Dental Nursing exams (National Examining Board for Dental Nurses).

The skills you will gain upon completion of the qualification are described within the extensive curriculum under the domains of Clinical, Communication, Professionalism and Management and Leadership.

The qualification comprises of a formative workplace assessment, the Record of Experience, which enables the workplace team to become an integral part of the training of the trainee dental nurse.

Superb Tuition Dental Nursing NEBDN Diploma Level 3
From real Dental practitioners with current experience, consultants and academics

Get proper guidance Dental Nursing NEBDN Diploma Level 3
Personal tutors to support you when you do an assignment

What you get from us? Dental Nursing NEBDN Diploma Level 3
Course notes, self-progress tests, mock examination, OSCE’s preparation.

The syllabus details those areas of knowledge and understanding which a dental nurse needs to develop in order to be able to practise competently.

Therefore much of the examination is based on the candidate being able to apply the knowledge in a practical setting.
Dental nurses support other members of the oral health care team across the full range of dental treatment.

Consequently the scope of the syllabus for dental nursing is very wide.

The topics covered in the National Diploma for Dental Nursing:

  • Health & Safety
  • Emergencies in the Dental Surgery
  • Structure of a tooth
  • Statutory registration & teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Dental Charting
  • Dental Record Keeping
  • Microbiology & Infection Control
  • Communication
  • Patient Management & Care
  • Dental Materials & Equipment
  • Regional Anatomy
  • General Anatomy
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • General Anaesthesia & Sedation
  • Oral Disease & Prevention
  • Radiography
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Removable Prosthesis
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics

NEBDN Diploma Resources
Course Handbook for Record of Experience
Exam Schedule

Charting Booklet

Entry Requirements:
Work placement
English Language at B2 (CEFR) level or above

The students without work placement will be offered a conditional enrolment and given 3 months to find a practical placement. During this period, they will attend an Introduction to Dental Nursing course and workshops on CV writing, interview skills, GDC standards and basic knowledge of infection control, charting, dental instruments and materials, including mixing etc. to be prepared for employment.

After 3 months (with condition on having a work placement) they will progress and enrol onto the actual NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing course and be registered with the awarding body.

In case of failure to find a work placement within the 3 month period, the student will be offered the following:
1. Repeat another 3 months of the introduction course (free of charge) or
2. Placed on a waiting list until successfully finding a work placement.

Dental Nursing – Continue Professional Developmentloma Level 

  • Cross infection
  • Radiotherapy
  • Medical Emergency

Build Your Dental Nurses Skills :
Have Fun and Learn How to Be a More Proficient Dental Nurse at the Same Time!
Let’s be honest, as a nurse you are undervalued, underpaid, work long hours, and get stressed out. Quite frankly, I’m sure you’re tired of living this way.
I’m sure we all have wondered if:

  • There are communities/support out there for us?
  • Can we make more money?
  • Can we up level our careers?
  • Can we have a better life as a dental nurse professionally and personally?

What you’ll find is that the answer to all the above questions is YES!
Here’s the deal – click here and you will have access to a handful of experts that are really entertaining, and even a nurse who’s taken her nursing skills and has created a whole entrepreneurial business based on being a nurse.
In this interview series you’ll learn:

  • To have more fun
  • To think outside the box
  • That surprisingly there are dental nurses becoming dentists
  • How to create a business from the skills you already have as a dental nurse

The interviews are 100% free; all you have to do is register.


Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy


Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy


Dental Nursing London Waterloo AcademyDental Nursing course London Waterloo Academy




Dental Nursing course London Waterloo Academy

Dental Nursing course London Waterloo Academy


OSCE exam preparation London waterloo academy 1 OSCE exam preparation london waterloo academy... OSCE exam preparation london waterloo academy.. Level 3

Dental Nursing London Waterloo Academy

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