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Law with Criminal Justice LLB

3-year full-time; 4-years full-time with placement


We host online webinars to give you the chance to find out more about our courses and what studying at Brunel is like.

For a playback of our recent Law webinar, click here.

About the course

Understanding how criminal justice works as a system will enable you to think critically about the genesis of crime, its effects on society and the most effective strategies to fight against it. The course brings the substantive (statutory/written law) and procedural (the 'machinery' to enforce) criminal law together into one programme.

There are two options available to students wishing to undertake the LLB with a specialisation in criminal justice:

  • LLB Law with Criminal Justice (three years full-time)
  • LLB Law with Criminal Justice (Professional Placement) (four years) - this includes a one-year work placement in law-related work. Previous placements have been in solicitors' firms, barristers' chambers, governmental institutions and related organisations.

LLB Law with Criminal Justice fulfils all the requirements of the traditional LLB degree, giving graduates qualifying law degree status. They gain the competitive advantage of a specialised knowledge in the area of criminal law and criminal justice.

To ensure that students possess a solid foundation and gain the most comprehensive understanding of criminal justice, in the first year of the programme they are introduced to the Criminal Justice System in conjunction with substantive criminal law. This allows them to put substantive criminal law into its procedural, institutional and cultural context.

Study requirements:

  • The foundation/qualifying law degree, first and second year modules, prepare students for an indepth examination of criminal justice in the final year of the programme, during which they are required to study at least two criminal law/criminal justice related modules.
  • Students must choose at least two criminal justice related modules from those available in any particular year. Modules offered in previous years have included:
    • Criminology
    • Sentencing and Punishment
    • Criminal Evidence and International Human Rights.

Students may choose all the criminal justice related modules offered in that year, if they wish. Alternatively they may choose up to two other modules.


The LLB provides students with an opportunity to earn a qualifying law degree and develop a dynamic perspective of English law.

LLB Law with Criminal Justice is designed to give students a thorough knowledge and understanding of:

  • how crime is created, its effects on society and the role of modern criminal justice institutions.
  • the most effective strategies to tackle crime, the ways in which criminality affects the public interest and how the fight against criminality may impact upon individual rights.
  • how to apply relevant substantive and procedural law and demonstrate relevant career skills, especially skills pertinent to criminal justice professions.
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