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Flood and Coastal Engineering BSc

2 years part-time, 1 year full-time will be available from 2018/19


This is a new course and we are accepting applications for 2017/18 entry. Register your interest now.

Please note, you are only eligible to apply for the BSc if you have graduated in FdSc Flood or River Coastal Engineering within the last three years. 

About the course

Developed as the top-up BSc (Hons) course for students who progress from our Foundation Degree, this course aims to give you the experience and skills you need to become an ambitious engineer to protect communities against flooding.

You will study this as a two-year, part-time degree if you have a sponsored place, or one-year, full-time if you are self-funding. Learning through intense modules and distance learning whilst in the workplace, you will enhance your knowledge of structural design, geotechnics and how to mitigate risk through environmental assessment and strategic management. This is while developing your skills in hydraulic modelling, flood estimation and engineering design.

This degree programme has been developed in partnership with the Environment Agency to address their future need for flood engineering professionals. The course is led by Brunel University London’s Department of Civil Engineering, and is co-delivered with HR Wallingford the world-leading, independent civil engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation.  The combination of Brunel and HR Wallingford teaching this degree programme brings an exciting academic and professional taught programme, with a focus on practical understanding and preparing the student for both their future career and professional accreditation.

The BSc in Flood and Coastal Engineering has been designed following the guidance of the Joint Board of Moderators and is currently pending accreditation by both the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM). The course is part of a programme suite that offers a full student pathway from grass roots to chartered engineering status. Following successful completion of this course, you can proceed to an Engineering MSc course to enable you to gain the educational base to achieve Chartered Engineer status.


There is currently a shortage of people with appropriate skills and experience to meet the challenge of delivering successful flood management. Flooding affects millions worldwide. It ruins homes, destroys livelihoods and threatens lives.

The Environment Agency has commissioned Brunel University London and HR Wallingford to develop this course in order to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for a successful career in flood risk management.

It is an excellent choice for anybody interested in the environment and in engineering. You must have graduated from our Flood and Coastal Engineering FdSc or the FdSc River and Coastal Engineering provided by the University of the West of England to be eligible for this degree programme.

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